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Internet services in Cuba are hard to find under the best of conditions however the past year has been very promising for the main internet service provider of Cuba, ETECSA S.A.

Seems like the past year ETECSA has been getting ready to be more competitive in terms of pricing and offers for all of its telephony divisions such as international cell phone calls, home based phone services and especially in its Internet Service in Cuba.

Etecsa has been using "Future CellPhone Technology" to lower the cost of calling Cuba with the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol Networks or VOIP Calls.

Voip calls to Cuba have been increasing with lower prices and even 2 for 1 offers and special discounts where ETECSA will give users one free minute of calling for every minute of time they  buy thus creating a 50% discount or a cell phone 2-4-1 promotion.

The timing couldn't have been better for the Christmas season when Cuban family calls to Cuba for family, friends and loved ones. Future cell phones in Cuba will be equiped with Automatic reload features that  will recharge the cell phone whenever it falls under 3 minutes of usage.

This automatic recharge feature is possible because Cuba Internet Access has been increasing due to cheap cell phone plans being sold in advance to Miami Cubans that Call Cuba every week.

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Fidel Castro Calling Miami from Havana Cuba


Havana Cuba;  Calling Cuba just got cheaper thanks to the collaboration between Fidel Castro Cuban government and Obhama American Government. International calls between Cuba and the United States has been lowered by  10% due to the removal of a decree signed by ex-President Fidel Castro in Havana in 1999 that taxed all land line and Cell phone calls between Cuba, Miami and the entire U.S.A.

"All Types of calls between America and Cuba including cell phone call s, computer calls and land line calls will be lowered by removal of the "American Calling to Cuba Tax," stated the Cuban Minister of Communications at the International Press Center, a Cuban News agency.

 The goal was to increase the level of communications between Cuban families that have been separated by the political blockade of Cuba and the U.S. goal to foster better relations between Cuba Americans and their family back in Cuba. The removal of the 10% Call Cuba Tax will definitely benefit communications between the Cuban population and Cuban American emigrants."

The Cuban Call America Tax law that was established by Fidel Castro placed a surcharge tax of 10% on all calls to America from Cuba. The tax per-minute rate for all international telephone call between the United States and Cuba also effected all calls made or connected via third countries like Canada, Europe, Brazil & China but ended up in the USA..

Havana's Call Cuba Tax was in response to an actions of the U.S. Congress that froze Cuban funds in the U.S. to be used to compensate the Cuban American families of anti-Fidel Castro pilots who were killed in 1996 by Cuban jet pilots on orders from Fidel.

The "Llama a Cuba" law stated that the extra taxes on calls to American destinations would remain in effect until the equivalent amount of Cuban money illegally frozen in the United States is returned to Cuba with compounded interest.

Now the Cuban government of Raul Castro seems to be making efforts by trying to normalize the relationship between Havana & Miami that has historically been strained for over 50 years and effected the huge Cuban Latino population from Miami, the largest Cuban community in the world outside of Cuba.

The news was met with great enthusiasm by Cubans all over the world and especially in Florida where the highest number of calls are placed. The Cuban community will now have an extra 10% more cash to talk longer, buy a car in Cuba or send more remittances to Cuba. Either way its a win-win situation for all Cuban American Families that have been separated for many years due to Cuban embargo.

If this trend continues it will appear that Cuba will finally have a normal political and economical relationship with America the gigantic neighbor just 90 miles away.

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Etecsa Cuba Cell Offers Free Phone Calls To Cuba


Calling Cuba has always been a challenge however Cuban telephone have advanced quite a bit in the past 10 years with the help of Italian Telecom & Cuban Joint Venture ETECSA S.A. Together these Cell phone companies have brought Cubans out of the dark ages into the modern world of high tech communications.

 Just 5 years ago it was rare to see any cell phone in Cuba except with mostly with foreign businessmen and wealthy tourists. Today you see cell phone everywhere and on everyone including the average Cuban who has family outside of Cuba. In fact Cell Phone business in Cuba is one of the most important money makers next to food & tourism. Cuban Telecommunications and especially cell phone sales and minutes usage have skyrocketed in recent years.


Provinces of Cuba
Provinces of Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This Cuban Cell Phone growth in cellular sales to Cubans has given ETECSA the opportunity to reward the local Cubans with FREE CELL PHONE MINUTES.   Mobile Cuban iPhones have new apps that automatically reload Cuban cell phones in Cuba and yet are Paid with Reloaded Credit Cards from outside Cuba by family and friends over the internet.

 How does this Free Cell Phone promotion work?

Cuba Cell  has allowed the statistical buy one get one free promotion in their international cell phone advertising with a variety of websites offering family & friends outside of Cuba to "Re-Charge" your cell phone minutes in Cuba and get the same amount free in bonus minutes.

 For example if you buy a package of $50 for 50 minutes then Etecsa will double your cell phone minutes and award  you an additional 50 minutes for  Free as long as you pay the full amount online with your credit card.

This amazing promotion has been launched this week in advance to the Christmas season when many Cubans will be calling Cuba to talk with family friends & loved ones. Best to Call Cuba Today and take advantage of this incredible 2 for 1 Cell Phone Offer.

Call Cuba to Contact Your Family, Friends and Loved Ones.
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Havana Cuba was hit by huge tsunami like waves during Hurricane Sandy. Monster waves came crashing down on the cliffs of El Morro  and then climbed the walls to reach hieghts of over 165 feet above the normal sea level.  This photo captures the amazing power of the normally calm Cuban waters off the bay of Havana.

Thousands of Cubans watched in awe as the massive waves kept pounding the 500 years old fortress that was originally built by the Spanish Conquistadors to protect the jewels & treasures of Havana.

No one was injured during the massive wave attack on El Morro. This type of 100+ foot waves hit Havana every 10-15 years with the last set of rouge waves seen in 1997 during hurricane Georges. Varadero Beach was not affected by the hurricane.

Today Havana has become a mecca for tourist that seek a higher level of adventure, culture, art, history and of coarse Latin Salsa dancing. Cuba is fast becoming the center of modern travel paradise with its Spanish arcitecture and amazing beaches.

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