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Internet services in Cuba are hard to find under the best of conditions however the past year has been very promising for the main internet service provider of Cuba, ETECSA S.A.

Seems like the past year ETECSA has been getting ready to be more competitive in terms of pricing and offers for all of its telephony divisions such as international cell phone calls, home based phone services and especially in its Internet Service in Cuba.

Etecsa has been using "Future CellPhone Technology" to lower the cost of calling Cuba with the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol Networks or VOIP Calls.

Voip calls to Cuba have been increasing with lower prices and even 2 for 1 offers and special discounts where ETECSA will give users one free minute of calling for every minute of time they  buy thus creating a 50% discount or a cell phone 2-4-1 promotion.

The timing couldn't have been better for the Christmas season when Cuban family calls to Cuba for family, friends and loved ones. Future cell phones in Cuba will be equiped with Automatic reload features that  will recharge the cell phone whenever it falls under 3 minutes of usage.

This automatic recharge feature is possible because Cuba Internet Access has been increasing due to cheap cell phone plans being sold in advance to Miami Cubans that Call Cuba every week.

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